Vacuum furnaces

The company KOMPOZITUM is active in the area of comprehensive service for heating chambers of vacuum furnaces for several years. In addition to supply of spare parts for various types of heating chambers, in cooperation with our partners we also offer their maintenance and repair.

This service includes the following activities:

  • production of graphite parts - according to drawings or provided sample
  • sales of graphite insulations - hard graphite board insulation and soft insulation - felt
  • sale of flexible or hard graphite foils - in the form of coils or sheets
  • sale of CFC plates, CFC profiles U, L, H, nuts, screws and threaded rods
  • sale of CFC grates and other CFC elements used in vacuum furnaces
  • sales of ceramic and molybdenum elements to vacuum furnaces
  • distortion of graphite parts into vacuum furnaces, possibility to make 3D model
  • implementation of complex or partial repair / maintenance of the heating chamber
  • measurement of leaks by helium instrument
  • consulting services on methods of use of suitable graphite materials for heating chambers

We carry out complex or partial repairs of the heating chambers of vacuum furnaces, including dismantling of old components, incooperation with our sister company Rotaneo s.r.o.

By selection of appropriate type of graphite material, precise machining on CNC machines and measuring the specific resistance of each heating element, we provide a required thermal homogeneity in each part of the heating chamber.