Encapsulated rings and bearings

Material: carbon graphite, electrographite

Impregnations: resin, antimony

  • Encapsulated ringsand bearings

Applications of encapsulated rings and bearings:

  • chemical industry, where chemically aggressive media are used
  • petrochemical industry, refineries and oil platforms
  • pharmaceutical industry / FDA /
  • food industry / FDA /
  • circulation pumps for cooling in nuclear power plants
  • high pressure gear-pumps

Unique features of carbon products and their use:

  • pumping of media with low lubrication capability, e.g. water, gasoline
  • avoiding of mechanical damage when in contact with other material
  • encapsulation provides higher strength of the rotary radial bearing

Material designation:

KU118, KU122, GU118, GU212 + case material according to the specification