Segment rings, Piston rings

Material: electrographite

Material: resin, antimony

  • segment sealing rings
  • segment rings for turbine shaft seals
  • segment sealing rings for compressors and marine pumps
  • piston and guiderings for piston oil-free compressors

Applications of sealing segment rings:

  • shaft seals in fans
  • ship equipment seals- compressors and pumps
  • water turbine seals -Francis and Kaplan turbine
  • oil-free compressors seals

Unique features of carbon products and their use:

  • high operating temperatures without lubrication

  • corrosion resistance such as e.g. acids, hydroxides, vapors and gases
  • use in applications where metal sealants cannot be used
  • facial stability in applications, even with significant thermal changes during start-up

Material designation:

KU121, KU122, KU128, GU111, GU118, GU212