Technological processes used in our company are very diverse mainly due to large variety of materials, the way of processing and wide range of different products. These processes result in generation of waste, such as textiles, paper, plastics, wood and cardboard packaging materials, carbon dust, iron, machine oils and fluorescent lamps. The company separates industrial waste, including hazardous waste, by certified waste companies. We concluded contracts on disposal of all types of produced waste with these companies.

Clean and safe working environment as well as surroundings of our company are ensured by filter towers with special filters designed according to German patent. All filter blades contain identification chip. A surface treatment of the filter area is not in the form of a membrane, but it is a mechanically applied microporous and hydrophobic layer of PTFE. It eliminates a risk of possible membrane breakage or puncture. Thanks to this technology, our employees work in a clean and healthy environment, and at the same time the company does not pollute surrounding environment with solid particles.

The company KOMPOZITUM s.r.o. tries to contribute to environmental protection actively. By effective separation with higher recycling rate of produced waste, we try to reduce our waste footprint as much as possible.

134 x lower

solid air pollutants

than stipulated by law