Axial slide rings

Material: carbon graphite, electrographite, silicon carbide- reaction sintered

Impregnation: resin, antimony, tin, bearing metal

  •  axial slide rings

Applications of axial sealing rings:

  • chemical industry, where chemically aggressive media are used
  • petrochemical industry, refineries and oil platforms
  • pharmaceutical industry /FDA/
  • food industry /FDA/
  • sewage treatment plants
  • circulation pumps for cooling in nuclear power plants
  • cooling water pumps in motor vehicles

Unique features of carbon products and their use:

  • use without lubricating medium
  • corrosion resistance such as e.g. acids, hydroxides, vapors and gases
  • pumping of media with low lubricating ability
  • properties preventing interaction of sealed and lubricating media
  • thermal shock resistance
  • heat and form stability at high temperatures

Recommended material for sealing ring:

  • silicon carbide
  • tungsten carbide
  • aluminum oxide
  • stelite
  • hard-metals
  • gray iron
  • alloyed steel, non-alloyed and nitrided steel
  • ceramics
  • glass

Materials used:

KU121, KU122, KU128, KU511, GU111, GU118, GU212