Blades and strips

Material: carbon graphite, electrographite

Impregnations: resin, antimony

  • sliding blades
  • sliding and guiding strips
  • sealing washers
  • dosing slides

Application of blades, sliding and guide strips:

  • printing equipment
  • packaging equipment
  • textile equipment
  • pumps for medical purposes
  • centrifugal pumps
  • mobile compressors
  • fresh air pumps
  • flanged pumps /application with lubrication/ 
  • beverage vending machines /application with lubrication/
  • equipment for transport of bulk materials, e.g. cement

Unique features of carbon products and their use:

  • applications without lubrication, e.g. compressors, vacuum pumps
  • applications with lubrication

Companion part:

  • aluminum oxide
  • hard-metals
  • gray iron
  • alloyed steel, non-alloyed and nitrided steel
  • carbongraphite
  • electrographite

Material designation:

KU600, KU118, KU122, GU118, GU212