Molds and mandrels

material: graphite

(isostatically and hydraulically pressed)

Characteristics: fine-grain and medium-grain structure

Continuous casting by using graphite molds and formers allows to obtain products of various shapes and profiles from molten metal. Each process has specific requirements on graphite material, such as low friction coefficient for wear resistance, required density or porosity, and others. 
We recommend our customers optimum graphite material based on our extensive experience.

Unique features of graphite products:

  • lower thermal conductivity
  • low porosity
  • high strength
  • extremely low absorption of processed metals
  • excellent heat shock resistance
  • low thermal expansion
  • low reactivity

Special Graphite Products:

  • molds and formers for continuous casting 

    (horizontal and vertical, rectangular, bar, tubular, and others)
  • molds and mandrels for casting precious metals