Heating elements for vacuum furnaces

material: graphite (isostatic, hydraulically pressed, vibrated)

Characteristics: fine-grain and medium-grain structure

The company KOMPOZITUM s.r.o. uses materials of the highest quality from various global manufacturers to produce graphite elements for heating chambers. We choose a type of material used according to the customer's requirements or according to our long-term experience. To achieve a homogeneous heat field in the heating chamber and a high-quality heat treatment, we measure electrical resistance on each produced heating element.

Unique features of graphite products:

  • very good material uniformity
  • satisfactory electrical resistance
  • high resistance to thermal shocks
  • excellent mechanical strength
  • satisfactory thermal conductivity

Special Graphite Products:

  • graphite heaters (heating segments / bridges), heating rods, meander heaters)
  • graphite holders
  • graphite beams
  • graphite connectors
  • bolts and nuts