Establishment of the company by Ing. Krcho, who prepared the first carbon mixture in Petri dishes in his family house.


Starting of carbon material production according to our own recipe and expansion of the company for 6 employees; the company carries outits activities in leased premises.


Transformation of the company to the limited liability company.


The company KOMPOZITUM implemented a successful development and launched production of silicon carbide material according to its own recipe. The company started production of silicon-carbide products from SiSiC as the only one in Slovakia.


Investment in the first CNC machine with controlled C-axis with semi-automatic feeder of semi-finished products.  


Construction and final building acceptance of new production and administrative premises with the area of 1300 m2.


Expanding the production capacity with new innovative CNC machining center and CNC turning-lathe machine. The company employs 35 employees and, in addition to its own production of carbon and ceramic products, it commences its activities as a WORKSHOP - processing of graphite materials from various global manufacturers.


Construction and final building acceptance of additional production premises with the area of 1000 m2, achievement of turnover in theamount of EUR 1.0 million.


Implementation of ISO 9001 quality management system for production, machining and infiltration by the company Germanischer Loyed Certification Hamburg.


The company KOMPOZITUM started to develop equipment and process of high-temperature infiltration of carbon strips for high-speed trains on the basis of copper and copper alloys.


Construction of the first metal infiltration autoclave with a possibility of carbon strips infiltration with the length up to 1 350 mm.


Becoming one of the leading producers and processors of carbon graphite and graphite materials; the company supplies its products to more than 300 stable customers in Europe.


Successful launching of equipment and process of metal infiltration autoclave, penetration of the first 50 tons of carbon strips for pantographs of the high-speed trains.


Growth of the company, 45 employees with turnover of EUR 3.3 million


In 2013, Ing. Krcho, PhD. Won Technology Entrepreneur of the Year award from E&Y.


Exceeding the performance milestone - processing of more than 300 tons of carbon material per year.


Construction of a new production hall with the area of 450m2 designed for infiltration process, and at the same time construction of the second infiltration autoclave with a possibility of carbon strips infiltration with length up to 1350 mm. The total possible capacity of carbon strips infiltration in both autoclaves is 360 tons / year.


Expansion of organizational structure, sales and administrative team. The company KOMPOZITUM, s.r.o. employs 65 employees with the annual turnover of EUR 6.3 million.


Investment in new CNC technologies. 5-axis CNC center with TURNING option, CNC circular grinder, NC flat grinder and 3D measurement instrument increase level of processing innovation.


In 2020, KOMPOZITUM achieved a turnover of EUR 7 million.


In 2022, KOMPOZITUM will implement the first robotic workplace in the production area, and more of them should be added in the coming years.