About us

A basic pillar of the company KOMPOZITUM are people. History of the company began with hard work of one person who, thanks to his effort, work passion and personal example, attracted other creative people. He has created a dynamic team which helps the company to be in continuous progress. High-quality human resources connected with innovative technologies and state-of-the-art equipment are the most valuable commodity for us that constantly contributes to the sustainable growth of the company. A philosophy of connecting older, more experienced generation with younger dynamic and flexible employees is a spice of success which the company KOMPOZITUM has been achieving in its area for a long time.

Own research and development is an integral part of our image of a modern technologically unique company. The leader of innovative technological ideas is the founder of the company Ing. Stanislav Krcho, PhD. By continually development in the field of carbon structures and infiltrations with various metal matrices, we move the limits in usability of carbon materials in applications, such as materials for traction systems - current collectors for high-speed trains and tribological applications - mechanical seals and pumps.

Cooperation with other world-class producers of various carbon materials, as well as working in a healthy competition on the market, is a common part of our corporate life, which positively contribute to development and improvement of the company in many areas.

The advantage of our company is material independence, diversified product portfolio, stock of various materials, state-of-the-art technological equipment and ability to supply products to our customers "JUST IN TIME", and at the same time our ability to provide our customers with comprehensive service in the field of carbon materials and infiltrations.

The company's uniqueness is the infiltration service of high-temperature metals by a manufacturer of carbon collectors for high-speed trains. At the moment, we dispose of one of the largest carbon strip infiltration capacities in the world.