Technical ceramics

Materials: Silicium carbide SiSiC (Q2) infiltrated bysilicon, Sintered Silicium carbide SSiC (Q1), Based oxide ceramic Al2O3 

Technical ceramics applications:

  • sliding and sealing rings for mechanical seals
  • sealing rings for vacuum pumps, compressors
  • axial and radial sliding bearings
  • sliding bearings for various types of industrial pumps
  • bearings for various types of machines and equipment
  • non-standardized components to mechanical seals

Unique features of technical ceramics and their use:

  • chemical industry - chemically aggressive media
  • petrochemical industry - refineries and oil platforms
  • food Industry -pumping of food media / FDA /
  • pharmaceutical industry - pumping of pharmaceutical media / FDA /
  • nuclear power plants- circulation pumps
  • pumping equipment -pumps, treatment plants

Advantages of technical ceramics:

  • high hardness
  • excellent abrasion resistance
  • excellent sliding properties and gas and liquid impermeability
  • low thermal expansion
  • high heat resistance

Materials used: