Elements for the glass industry

material: graphite

(isostatically pressed, hydraulically pressed)

Characteristics: fine-grain structure

Glass factories use graphite products that have optimal physical properties for contact with hot glass, such as low thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, elasticity and shape stability of the material. By using graphite in contact with glass, we significantly reduce a risk of damaging its surface.

Unique features of graphite elements:

  • excellent resistance to thermal shocks
  • high wear resistance
  • graphite material elasticity
  • high strength
  • exceptional design flexibility
  • it does not damage hot glass
  • environmentally friendly

Special Graphite Products:

  • graphite inserts into scrapers
  • graphite inserts into side-tracks
  • sliders
  • segmented washers
  • funnels for drops
  • guide rails for conveyor belts